The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Historical Timeline in Memphis

and other relevant events

Dates Active Location Troupe Name How Often Showed Comments
6/19/1973 - 7/20/1973 Royal Court's Theatre Upstairs, West End, UK Twice nightly, 9 and 11 pm. This was the intial theatrical release of the Rocky Horror Show
1974 Poplar Movie House (now the Evergreen Theater), Memphis, TN First regional production of The Rocky Horror Show in the US outside of NY or LA
9/26/1975 UA Theater, Westwood, Los Angeles, CA US Premiere of the Rocky Horror Picture Show movie
1975 Poplar Movie House (now the Evergreen Theater) Memphis' share of the national release. Only 8 cities showed the movie initially
4/1/1976 Waverly Theater, New York City, NY This was the start of the Midnight showings, and by the end of the year, callbacks and in 1977, shadowcasting.
9/1977 Whitehaven Cinema, Memphis, TN First known shadowcast in Memphis area
1/6/1979 - (at least) 3/31/1979 Poplar Movie House (now the Evergreen Theater)
Early 1980s Park Theater (now Captain D's)
early 1980s Normal Theater (now Newbies)
1984-1986 Poplar Plaza Theater (now Bookstar) Forbidden Fruits
1987 Frayser Twin (now the Frayser Village Shopping Center)
1987 Fare Four (now Palace Cinema) A Flock of Sequins
1988 - present MidSouth Convention Annually
April 1988 - 11/22/1988 Paramount Theater (now Fresh Market) Negative Stereo Friday and Saturdays (cast performed on Saturdays) 15 performances total
1/21/1989 - 6/29/1990 (intermittent) Raleigh Springs Mall Trailer Park Trash / Sanity for Today (as of 3/23/1990) Fridays
Summer 1990 The Shell, Overton Park Sanity for Today One show only Sponsored by George Flinn. The Voodoo Village People opened.
8/3/1990 - 5/22/1992 Mall of Memphis Sanity for Today / Electric Mayhem (as of 7/1991)
1991 New Daisy Theater Sanity for Today One show Sponsored by George Flinn
1993 - 1995 University of Memphis Annually
1996 - 1998 Highland Quartet (now Jason's Deli) cast varies Monthly
2005 US Film Registry declared the Rocky Horror Picture Show “Culturally, Historically, or Aesthecially significant” and preserved the film.
2007 - present Orpheum Theater Not shadowcasted Annual Part of the Orpheum's Summer Movie Series
9/10/2010 - present Evergreen Theater Absent Friends Monthly

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