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The Gimp is not permitted to speak.

The Gimp

The Gimp Role(s): The Gimp (a Pet), and many others
Sex: You have to ask?
Age: Wouldn’t you like to know
Email: gimp@rockyhorrormemphis.com

The Gimp was classically trained at Mistress Julliard’s where he befriended and was roommates with Patrick Stewart. This relationship resulted in the Gimp being the body-double for Mr. Stuart during many of his "Borg" scenes in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" as well as a recurring uncredited roll as "6 of 69." The Gimp then went on to co-star with Jack Lemmon in the off-off-off Broadway production of "The Seven Inch Itch."

Madame McLalelilolu

Transylvanian Role(s): Whatever mischief she can get herself into
Age: Eternal
Sex: Dudette
Status: Kidnapped

Madame McLalelilolu was raised in a nudist convent located next door to a theatrical strip club. She was schooled in the finest classes by very old women with very saggy bits. At the age of eleven, a strange sound of music came through her window, successfully luring her into the night with the call of the Time Warp. The young girl was swept away and kidnapped by the traveling cast of Rocky Horror where she learned to sing and dance, swaying her way into the background as a Transylvanian.

"Madame McLa-leli-lolu,
She learned to sing at only two.
She sang to everyone in town.
Turning the land from green to brown.
The people loved to hear her voice,
But slowly found they had no choice."

"She learned to take their breath away,
While she would sing and dance and play.
Their faces turned a pretty blue,
While everything around died too.
For with her each and every breath,
It stole their air and gave them death."

Laura Beauchamp

Laura Beauchamp Role(s): Neophyte

Laura Beauchamp won acclaim in the 2nd grade for her portrayal of King Lear with the Royal Shakespeare Company. She is currently working on a B.S. degree with a concentration in Trans-gendered culture. A recent addition to the cast, she has tasted blood and wants more, more, more, with a side of coleslaw. She is a science nerd and obsessive knitter by day, but a rock star by night. When she isn't nerding-it-up, she likes to play poker, sing, dance, and in general, "act a fool". She enjoys bathing in honey and running through chicken coups, so she can literally shake her tail feathers at the local juke joint.