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“With voyeuristic intentions, you can't see me, no not all...”

Allatta Fagina
The All Great and Powerful Mistress of the Night

Magenta Role(s): Magenta (a Domestic), Director
Age: 502, Scorpio, the sex sign...
Sex: Yes. I'm a nymphomaniac. I have a tendency to use sex as a bargaining tool.
Marital Status: Are you kidding? Me or Magenta? She's into incest, I'm single. Especially if you are rich.
Email: magenta@rockyhorrormemphis.com

Allatta was born deep in the forests of Romania where the Gypsies raised her and then made her their Queen. She spent many years perfecting the magic of immortality and perseverance and every 50 years or so she completely recreates her life to be someone completely new. For this break in life she has decided to see what it would be like to be a struggling actress who found a home with a crazy little phenomenon called Rocky Horror. Wow, what a concept. With many years experience under her belt (LMAO) she has yet to get tired of fishnets, feathers and sequins, except when the sewing machine breaks.

Taking the role as director as well, still finds it hard to tell people what she thinks, except under her breath, and within that elusive blog that she hopes no one finds online. One day they will all realize that the puppet master is just making them all do her bidding for her enjoyment...