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“Just try it, ok?”

Michael Entman

Michael Entman Role(s): Producer
Sex: Questionable
Age: Ageless
Email: memphisfreakengine@gmail.com

Michael Entman is a deep, dark mystery wrapped in an enigma, and smothered in a savory sauce of confusion. He has been involved in Memphis theater for over two decades and it has always been a dream of his to bring the Rocky Horror Picture Show back to Memphis audiences. Thanks to the wonderful management of the Evergreen Theater and a wonderful cast and crew, his dream has come true. Michael also produces, directs, and hosts Memphis' longest running improv comedy show, FreakEngine.

He also likes puppies.

“Welcome to Oz.”

Dr. Ivan Amandic

The Man Behind the Curtain Role(s): The Man behind the Curtain (Lights, sound, video: Look up, and back.) Sex: Only in the booth.
Age: How old is iOS5?

Dr. Ivan Amandic comes to us from the Ukraine, where he was an audiovisual tech at the Chernobyl Power Plant. Although he would like to talk about his accomplishments and his advancements in nuclear reactor powered amplifiers, his lawyers advised not to speak to the press after the "accident."

“Fay Wray, now there was a gal.”

Ernest B. Schoedsack

Cinematography Role(s): Video Recorder, Heckler
Age: “24”
Hobbies: Determining how to shoot the perfect pronographic movie for mainstream cinema.

Ernest peaked in 1933 with the direction of “King Kong”, another RKO Radio Picture. Since then, he fell on hard times, losing most of his money by investing heavily in telekentic research. Why telekensis? So he could run 4 cameras at once, all by himself. Now, he consoles himself with a camcorder, a tripod, a thermos (for cold days), and recording Rocky Horror Picture Shows. What he does with the recordings, no one really knows.

Alter Malestrom

Alter Malestrom Role(s): Assistant Stage Manager
Age: 10765 days
Sex: N/A

Born into a worl of limitations and hopeless dreams, Alter found a way to transmogrify reality to his will, sculpting the world with a simple pencil and paper. With each stroke new creatures and worlds appeared, defying the rules of the regular mundane world.

"Reality knows no bounds" has been a life motto for Alter and those words stood true until a realization struck. While enjoying the surreal powers obtained through that mystical skill, reality itself must have rejected Alter somewhere along the way. But in the words of Alter himself: "When rejected from the plane of reality you are no longer bound by its rules."
What is fact and what is fiction? To Alter, the answer is plainly "Yes".

Sam I Am

SamiAm Role(s): Gopher
Age: 1/2 way there
Sex: Why? What have you heard?

Sam I Am wandered into the theater thinking it was a soup kitchen and was quickly taken captive by Trannies. Forced to work in their backstage prop mines, he led several revolt attempts before finally succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome.

Now as a loyal member of the cult of Rocky Horror, he trains monkeys as suicide bombers in the name of Saint Frankenfurter.