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“I loved you. You hear me? I loved you.”

Va GiGi

Columbia Role(s): Columbia (a Groupie)
Age: A Lady never tells...
Email: columbia@rockyhorrormemphis.com

Va Gigi grew up as a child actress/singer on a little known TV show that never left the shores of Japan, under the pseudonym "Midori Kawaii." Her American looks got her doted upon by fanboys and elderly Japanese men wherever she went, which she used to her advantage frequently. As such, Va never wanted for anything, except for giant lizards to stop tearing up her home town. She was tired of single-handedly saving the school every single summer.

One day, a handsome dark stranger approached her while doing her 14th annual Mall Tour in Tokyo, and said "In America, you will find success" and vanished. Unfortunately, Va couldn’t hear the man as she was still belting out pop medleys and he was in the back row. Still, the idea was planted. She developed a strange desire to leave fame, fortune, and her 12 part boy band behind and travel to Seattle, where she never really fit in the Grunge scene in the early 90s. Her accent didn’t help either, at least until Nirvana needed a new singer. She auditioned, but was told she was too "happy" and politely asked to go elsewhere. Perhaps to the southeast US. So she traveled to Memphis, as she really wanted out of Pop and into Rock. Her purple hair, hazel eyes, and finally learning to speak a decent American accent led her back to her roots, and get into stage singing and dancing.

Little did she know her singing sensation fan club (and who knows what else) would follow her from the Land of the Rising Sun...