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REALLY Absent Friends

These players have left the Absent Friends cast and crew for various reasons and are dearly missed.

Meimei Sletmonet

Role(s): Rocky Horror, The Criminologist, Frank-n-Furter, Janet Weiss
Age: Older than 18, and older than 21, which are the only ages that really matter.
Sex: Yes, please.

Meimei grew up without a home and addicted to various horrible substances, but somehow managed to make it past the age of 21, when things got better because she could ditch the substances for alcohol. This got her through East Coast Liberal Arts College, where she graduated from with a degree in Alcohology some number of years ago which isn’t terribly important. After serving two tours of a non-military nature, she has settled down near Memphis and has begun cutting open bodies to find and name their most intimate parts (Bob the Kidney and Patty the Ovary are her favorites thus far). She hopes that this activity will entertain her for at least a couple of years. She discovered Absent Friends when looking up FreakEngine online, and decided to join because the internet does not lie. Or maybe it was that the internet is for porn, and that’s why she joined. Either way she’s clearly a glutton for punishment, or just crazy. Or both. Probably both.

Seth Payeur, but you may know me by my legal name: Black Dynamite

Role(s): The Criminologist, Rocky Horror. Also Stage Manager.
Sex: I have a lot, but not with you, so don’t ask!
Age: Numbers scare me

Just a bit of advice: If you get scared at any point during the show, please remove all of your clothing and scream really loud. This way your nudity and the fact everybody’s attention is drawn to you will totally distract you from being frightened.
Black Dynamite originally hails from the sky because that is where all hail comes from...how could you not know that? Seriously you weren’t aware of that, wow. Where was I, oh, now I’ve lost my train of thought, damn you and your lack of precipitation knowledge!
Oh yeah now I remember, bio, bio, bio, bio, if I keep saying it I’ll remember what I am doing. This is the 4th RHPS cast that I’ve been a part of and it a blast to be seeing all the garters and makeup out again.
Love this cast and the opportunity to bring RHPS back to Memphis.
Now, you can either leave or cum...you dig!

Lucinda J. Nobgobbler

Role(s): Betty Monroe, Transylvanian
Age: "this many"

Lucinda was born on the 9th of Jeff in 19-Jeffity Jeff to a simple doorknob smithing family in Finland. Her last name, meaning "She who fashions nickel-plated knobs", comes from a long line of proud Nobgobblers. Lucinda moved to the States at the turn of the century to begin a life for herself dabbling in different forms of art and engineering, much to the disdain of her parents. Finally, after crafting what she considered her masterpiece, a silver-plated knob, she was disowned by her family for the use of alternate materials. On the day she was to drown her sorrows in beer and cocaine, she saw a poster for the shadowcasting of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Finally finding a niche of peoples that could accept her creativity and her shameful past, she has found a small, but comfortable part in the Absent Friends group.